Classic colour options

Choose from our standard white or beige colours. Standard uPVC colouring goes all the way through the frame and will never be scratched off or need painting.

Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass

Low-E glass reduces heat loss and protects your home furnishings, carpets, and timber floors from harmful UV rays, which cause fading over time.
Standard Low-E 272

Good thermal performance in all seasons. Reflects heat away in summer and keeps heat inside your home in winter.

Low-E 340

Ideal for warm, sunny climates with the ultimate protection from the sun, without any tinting. Plus it still keeps heat inside during winter.

Low-E 366

Superior thermal performance in all seasons. When paired with low-E i89, it can evan achieve better thermal performance than our standard triple glazing.

Low-E 180

Ideal for colder climates or homes with passive solar heating, it traps the warmth of the sun inside keeping your home cozy. Plus it still performs well against bright summer sun.

Low-E i89

A second layer of low-E added to maximise total performance, especially in colder climates.

Neat+ Glass

Adds a layer of Neat+ coating outside which reduces dust and grime on the glass.

Obscured and decorative glass


Bifold uPVC door hardware is available in a stainless steel or bronze finish. We can also arrange for custom hardware.

Product options and upgrades shown on this page may vary based on joinery size, configuration, product range, or availability.