Better joinery for better homes

Ameribuild offers windows and doors with more standard features, higher performance, and comparatively lower cost, than nearly all other joinery companies currently operating in New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on the speed and ease of ordering our products, and the exceptionally high value for money we offer our customers.

Blast past the new Building Code

Our entry level uPVC windows already exceed the Building Code updates by at least 26% in all climate zones. That makes them the most affordable thermally efficient joinery, without adding any expensive upgrades you might otherwise need with aluminium.

Helping save you time and money

No on site measuring is required, since we order based on the rough opening/box size measurements shown on the plans, with allowances to ensure a proper fit - every time.

This means you can place your order as soon as your building consent plans have been finalised, before you ever start framing. Plus, all joinery arrives on site fully assembled and glazed, installing quickly with fixing fins.

Enormous capacity

Ameribuild supplies uPVC joinery made by Sierra Pacific Windows in the U.S., who currently produces about 20,000 uPVC windows and doors a month. This means we’re able to supply joinery to building projects across all of New Zealand no matter the size. Whether you need 5, 500, or 5,000 windows, we have the capacity to deliver.

Global shipping simplified

Our manufacturing partner has an extensive and well tested distribution network developed to supply its clients across all 50 U.S. states and in 30 countries worldwide, including Australia. In the remote event of an extraordinary hold up in the delivery of product, should your need be project and time critical, we can ship certain stock via air freight.

Order in bulk to maximise savings

If you build a large number of the same floorplan throughout the year, you can order in advance and in bulk. Ameribuild can maintain stock in New Zealand for you, and deliver to job sites as needed.

This saves you the hassle of ordering joinery for each job individually and maximising your shipping economy, and is an ideal ordering solution for builders of transportable homes, tiny houses, and kitset homes.

Ask us how we can help with your next development.

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