Not all double glazing
is created equal

Aluminium is an excellent conductor, so any condensation in your home will appear on your window and door frames, even when double glazed. To prevent this, New Zealand aluminium joinery manufacturers often offer expensive “thermal breaks” as an upgrade.
With our windows and doors, thermal breaks aren’t necessary. Other common upgrades offered in New Zealand, such as argon gas, low-E glass, and insect screens, are all standard features on our North American windows and doors.

Two glazings are better than one

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, all our windows and doors are double glazed. With up to 50% of heat being lost through single glazed windows in an otherwise well-insulated home, double glazing can halve heat loss and significantly improve the thermal comfort of your home. Double glazing also reduces noise pollution, increases resale value, and keeps your home dry and free of condensation, mould, and mildew.

Even our frames are insulated

Insulated frames are less likely to attract condensation and will lose less heat than windows and doors with standard aluminium frames. To provide the best insulation, all of our window and door frames are made of uPVC, wood, a combination of aluminium and wood, or all three materials. Compared to standard aluminium frames, uPVC or wooden frames reduce window heat loss by about 40%.

Non-metal foam spacers

Many window and door manufacturers use aluminium spacers between their panes of glass. These metal spacers conduct cold and heat, which reduces window efficiency and can lead to window failure. Our double glazing features No-Metal TrueWarm® Edge polymer structural foam spacers by Edgetech, offering greater thermal efficiency, a superior seal, and more comfort.

Argon gas filled glazing

Typical double glazing may include either an air or inert gas filling, such as argon gas, between the glass layers. A clear, non-toxic, and naturally occurring gas, argon gas is a better insulator than air, reducing window heat loss by 3%—9% compared to double glazing with air filling. All of our windows and doors come standard with an argon gas filling, ensuring you receive maximum thermal performance.

Low-emissivity (low-E) glass

All of our windows and doors come standard with Cardinal Low-E glass. Low-E glass has a unique low emissivity coating that allows light and heat in, but reflects some of the escaping heat back inside the room. Double glazing with low-E glass reduces window heat loss by about 20%—30%, compared to double glazing without. Low-E glass also protects your home furnishings, carpets, and wood floors from harmful UV rays, which cause fading over time.

Let fresh air in & keep insects out

Charcoal fibreglass insect screens by Phifer come standard on all of our windows. Sliding doors come standard with screen doors, and can be added as an upgrade to all swinging doors. Window screens are completely integrated and don't need to be removed in order to open or close the window, but are spring-loaded and can easily be removed for cleaning.

Save on energy costs with our windows & doors.

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