Tested and certified

Our uPVC windows and doors have been independently evaluated by New Zealand engineering and building consultancy firm, Kaizon Ltd., for compliance with the New Zealand Building Code: they meet or exceed requirements. A copy of this report is available upon request - just flick us an email.
All of our windows and doors have also been tested, inspected, and certified by the United States Window and Door Manufacturer’s Association (WDMA) Hallmark Certification Programme, an international certification programme similar to CodeMark Certification in Australia and New Zealand. Many of our windows and doors have been NFRC and Energy Star tested and certified as well.
Technical specifications, including CAD files, are available through Sierra Pacific Windows. If necessary, we can also assist your architect or designer with preparing window and door details, and will supply your council with any information they require for consent.
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uPVC is our most energy efficient window and door!

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