Standard Features

  • Double glazed with low-E glass and argon gas filling
  • Wood interior, uPVC base frame, and aluminium clad exterior
  • CoreGuard Plus™ wood treatment protects against water and rot
  • Fully integrated charcoal fibreglass insect screen
  • NFRC, WDMA, and Energy Star tested and certified*
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H3 Fusion Windows can be configured to match any layout or design you choose, even custom configurations.

*Certain sizes and configurations have not been tested and certified by all three programmes. Visit the Technical page for details.

Options & Upgrades To Suit Every Kiwi Home

A 6-step Ultrabond Paint System creates an exterior finish that lasts. Choose from our standard colours, or we'll custom match any colour you like.
Ask us about textured, weathered, metallic, and anodised colours and finishes!
Fine tune your windows for optimal performance with a range of Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass

Standard Low-E 272

Good thermal performance in all seasons. Reflects heat away in summer and keeps heat inside your home in winter.

Low-E 340

Ideal for warm, sunny climates with the ultimate protection from the sun, without any tinting. Plus it still keeps heat inside during winter.

Low-E 366

Superior thermal performance in all seasons. Reflects heat away in summer and keeps heat inside your home in winter with 95% UV protection.

Low-E 366 + i89 Coating

Adds a layer of i89 Coating inside to help keep even more heat inside your home during winter. Outperforms triple glazed windows without low-E.

Low-E 180

Ideal for colder climates or homes with passive solar heating, it traps the warmth of the sun inside keeping your home cozy. Plus it still performs well against bright summer sun.

Low-E 180 + i89 Coating

Adds a layer of i89 Coating inside to help keep heat inside your home during winter, and cool air inside during summer. Outperforms triple glazed windows without low-E.

High strength, impact-resistant and meeting all ASTM E1300 requirements, our FeelSafe hurricane-resistant laminated glass is engineered exceptionally strong for extreme conditions and everyday comfort. It also reduces the risk of injury to you and your family while protecting the inside of your home from severe wind and water damage. In fact, FeelSafe™ glass meets some of the highest air, water and structural performance ratings of any window or door.

  1. Flexible installation methods including through-frame and nailing fin.
  2. Structural sealants throughout for extreme adhesion.
  3. Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.
  4. Hurricane-resistant laminated glass.
  5. Sealed airspace.
  6. Factory mulling available.
  7. High-strength tempered glass.
  8. Special polyvinyl butyral bonding.
  9. Heat-strengthened or annealed glass.
  10. Heavy duty extruded aluminium cladding.
  11. Extra heavy-duty 12mm thick extruded aluminium structural nailing fin.
  12. Protected by CoreGuard Plus™, the best wood protection in the business.
Eight select woods are available for your windows.
Tinted, patterned, obscured, and specialty decorative glass. Options can vary by product type.
Make your windows uniquely yours by upgrading to a divided light, removable wood, or between the glass grille.

Our divided light and removable wood grilles are available in a range of profiles and exterior finishes to suit your home. Maintenance free between the glass grilles are available in 16mm or 25mm contour or 16mm flat profiles.
Upgrade from a standard charcoal fibreglass screen to a premium screen designed to maximise your view.

Or, upgrade to a low-profile and high-performance FlexScreen that won’t dent or break.
Our awning handle folds out of the way of window treatments and comes in your choice of finishes.
Bring out all the beauty of your wood windows with your choice of finishing Ultra Stain, or show a bit of modern flair with a painted Ultra Coat interior. Both Ultra Stain and Ultra Coat are so tough, they resist scratching and marring, and so superior, they provide advanced protection against moisture.

Ready to let new light into your home?

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